At: Beaver Galleries:

Opens Thursday May 29th 2014 - runs until 17th June


New solo exhibition by Amanda Shelsher

May 29 - June 17 2014

Beaver Galleries 

This new body of works encapsulates a new decade that has taken me by surprise, where close family, and close friends have all revealed in various ways that life is truly precarious.These autobiographical ceramic sculptures examine my personal view of the precarious nature of life: Changes to our physical self and the importance of protecting of our mental health in times of need. These mirror the precarious state of our planet as we experience extreme environmental changes. As precarious as life can be I hope it can be embraced, and as transitory as our existence is, we can still make positive changes and buckle ourselves in for an enjoyable ride.



 Leap of faith 65 x45w x 21 d cm


Swell 2014 47h x 22w x 20d cm                                    

White Noise 2014 48 h x 38 w x 21 d cm                                  

Protect and Preserve 2014 37h x 40w x 28 d cm                                    

cracks are starting to show 2014 46 hx 23 w x 17 d cm                                      

Over the edge 2014 51h x 35w x 30 d cms                                      

Hang on 2014 33 d x 34 h x 16 w cm                                  

Make time to listen 2014 48hx11d x28w cm                                  

Breaking your fall 2014 28 h x 23 d x 19 w cm                                        

It's a balancing act 2014 37h x 22w x 17 d cm                                        

Go away black dog 2014 33h x 33L x 27 d cm                                        

Not now black dog 2014 35h x 37L x 16 w                                 

Team work 2014 21h x 15 l x 8w cm                                        

Tidal 2014 42h x 19w x17 d cm                                        

Not ready to let go 2014 50 h x 30w x 15 d cm