Solo Exhibition. Beaver Galleries, Canberra.ACT Australia. August 19th - September 7th 2010

Calling Home 2010
50h x 50w x 19d cm

Looking for somewhere 2010
35d x 42h x 33w cm

Suburban Escape 2010
44h x 19d x 40w cm

Up in the clouds 2010
52d x57h x 34 cm

Nesting 2010
37w x 34d x 47 h cm

Clouded Thoughts 2010
43w x 21d x 46h cm

Finding that somewhere 2010
36w x 29d x 40 h cm

Elusive Dreams 2010
37w x 27d x 53h cm

Two streets down 2010
26w x 39h x 11d cm

Home in Inglewood 2010
23w x 39h x 13d cm

Behind Picket Fences 2010
22w x 37h x 10d cm

House at number 39 2010
26w x 36h x 13 d cms

Birdhouse 2010
14w x 32h x 10 d cm

Lifecycle 2010
18d x 18w x 15 cm

Safely Does it 2010
20w x 17d x 17h cm

Baby birds in nest 2010
8w x 8d x 9 cm

Baby birds in nest II 2010

Photography: Bill Shaylor